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Good morning everyone.

I’m Vich Sreykea. I’m from Cambodia and I’m a student in CCEH. I have 5 sisters and brothers. With no parents. Today I would like to share my life story with you.

I was born in to a very poor family. My father left my mother when I was very small. I was 5 years old my sister Sreykean just a baby, mother became Ill and passed away. Since that time I am living with my grandmother. I was born 02/February/2001. My grandmother and my older sister had to take care of me and my 5 siblings. Some members of my family tried to help us out uncles and aunties supported us as much as they could. My grandmother never gave up trying to earn money to support all of us children. It was an impossible task to earn enough for all of us to go to school. She never stopped us from learning and educating ourselves. One day my brother Vich Sy Varen was able to find some financial assistance from CCPP painting project where Ingrid worked volunteer. She found me and my sister when she was teaching there.

We were able to study English, Khmer and special Design art. My brother is very good in this now. CCPP helped my family gave healthy food till they closed. Sadly none of my older sisters and brothers finished school or graduated. I met Ingrid. I got help from CCEH. Ingrid said she would assist me to study in London school and that school was a private school. I could not believe that someone would help me and was so grateful. She found a sponsor for me and I actually thought Ingrid was kidding with me but she was very clear, education is the most important thing to get out of the mud. Since 2015 my younger sister and I where students of London school. When I heard the news of my acceptance I was so exited I can’t explain my emotions because of this opportunity.

At the same time that I was exited, I was as well scared and felt embarrassed. I felt that I was a poor and ugly student to be in a school with rich kids.

I was scared that nobody wanted to be my friend. Oh, as well I was so wrong.

Today I have friends, I have Chantha and Chanthou Chanthy, they also were CCEH kids. They assisted me to study. For the last 5 years I have been educating myself and then learning in London school.

Until the school experienced challenges in my province because of a lot of Chinese immigrants and gambling people came and changed at my school and it closed, now it’s a casino, one of many.

So In 20 19 I moved to study in Sovannphumi it was my new private high school. Very strict, more serious study. I entered grade 10.

With all this unrest hovering over me I was writing my first Exam and I failed. I was crying and crying so much but at my second attempt I passed. I was in grade 11. But all was not easy because in 2019 the world got in big trouble, Covid 19 came.

I changed to study online often with an old broken phone, no electricity no WiFi and I also worked as an assistant teacher to get a bit money for fuel and my expenses. During that time I failed, 2021 my most difficult year started because I had the final exam. That exam is so important if I fail I couldn’t go to university. It was so hard for me that year. My family was running out of money and my sisters and brother lost their work. On top of it my aunt was very ill, I got Covid. On 26/October/2021, It was my exam day, at 11 o’clock my beloved aunt, like a mom, passed away in front of me, my heart was broken. I could do an exam! I could not stop crying and crying. I was talking to her while she was passing away “after I graduate grade 12 I will bring you to Seam Reap to see Angkor Wat and we have fun”, t hat she will be by my side traveling together to Siem Reap with her soul .

I was so broken. After a few days later, my grandpa from the other family passed away too. I felt like my soul left my body. I was again crying every day. Everybody tried to tell me to calm down and breath, everything going to be fine. Keep moving your exam is coming. I tried so hard with this pain. Few days later, 14/November/2021, Vann Ly one of our CCEH KIDS died in an accident. She was my very good friend. I loved her like a sister. She was kind, friendly and helped my family and CCEH a lot. I couldn’t believe only few months I lost 3 of my most loved people.

I could not eat, nor sleep, nor study. I miss my aunt so much. I cry every night and I wanted to give up everything. I did not want to continue. And my final exam was coming. My family, Ingrid, my teacher and friends tried to explain and helped me to show me the good way and continue my life to have a better life. It was hard for me but I tried to control myself. I had only a short time to study. The exam started on date 27th and 28th December 2021. I was thinking about what my aunt, my grandpa and Lyly said. And I am promised to Ingrid that I will take C ….And I did it!!.

I passed the exam and I got a C. I’m now so proud of myself and now it is time to heal. This is my life Story. All I have to say is ”try to believe in yourself”, no matter what, try to move on and don’t put yourself through pain. Try to fight. And if you love someone and you lose them you have to think about what they said and try to make it is as good as possible so the soul of the people who passed away will be happy with what I tried. This is the end of my story I would like to say “Thank You“ for your attention. And I hope you understand a bit my feelings. I start now University, for business or accounting.

I hope my story will help you to move on to your future. I know that my story won’t help you much but I’m sure that people who experienced these feelings will understand. Thank you for listening and thank you everyone, who believed in me, you all for all your help.

Vich Sreykea


Sreykea Vich 18 Apr 2021

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